Wednesday, June 24, 2015


This print is based on a large sunflower we had growing in our backyard a few years ago. Just as the seeds were starting to ripen, our neighbor, the happy squirrel living in the tallest tree behind our house, managed to make off with all the seeds overnight. So in honor of ingenious critters everywhere, I made this print.

Sunflower monotype, 8 x 11"
The image was created using soy based Akua inks in colors approximating the three colors used in any computer monitor or TV screen - cyan, magenta, and yellow. No other colors were added. I started with a plate inked in yellow. Then I added a layer of magenta, removing the ink where I wanted the print to be yellow or green. Lastly, I added a cool blue color, first very lightly and then a bit darker, each time removing the color where I didn't want blue in the mix. The layers of color were added to the paper by pressing the paper against the inked plate.

With all the colors overlapping, the result, in theory at least, should be black. But since the colors used were not exactly the CMY colors, and since the darker colors were applied with some texture showing, the resulting mix of all the colors is fairly dark, but definitely not black.

CMY were the only colors used for the sunflower print